Video of the Month: Quade PoundSign – NOT A SHEEP

Music of the Month May 2019

Anyone that’s been following our Music of the Month series, might notice something of a theme with our Video(s) of the Months. They’re all shot on really peng film.

Bradford local, Quade PoundSign is the latest to release a gorgeously shot video in this format, filmed and edited by GRIT Multimedia. The guy ain’t a sheep despite spending this video in a luscious field and there being several of him in said field at one point.

More so, he’s trying to be a goat and this banger will be one big step on that transformation should it happen. Quade smashes the bouncy beat provided by Yung BuuTFU and this was a contender for Track of the Month, too.

Stuff like the mad details when the guy gets up close to the camera, where you can see every stitch of the balaclava covering his tatted face, make this so far removed from your average visuals.

People like this are showing you don’t need a big budget to make a good music video. Just a good group of people about you with a good concept and a good song. And if possible, a really nice field.

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