Off Licence Magazine ISSUE THREE Launch Party

Oi oiiiiii.

As you lot may know by now, we don’t like to rush out our magazines. We prefer to pack them with content, from Spicy Mark’s Culinary Corner to in-depth interviews with some of the UK (and beyond)’s most intriguing artists.

ISSUE THREE is more of the same but arguably our biggest magazine yet, with more artists than ever and more miles covered during its creation. From Leeds to Lithuania, we have photographed, chatted, listened and written our way to yet another magazine and it’s time to share it with everyone.

Combining Off Licence Magazine ISSUE THREE’s release with a hip-hop heavy line-up, we’ve got some of our favourite local acts and a few faces from the magazine itself, coming to Dead Wax Social in Brighton. Entry is FR££ and be sure to get down early, as we packed out this venue for our Offie Mag Escape show back in May… much to the delight of the bouncers working that night.


As the first two issues have fully sold out, be aware that our ISSUE THREE Launch Party will be the first place you can pick up a copy of the new mag, as well as other exclusive merch.

See you there. OFFIE MAG x

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