BURR 27 w/ Baileys Brown

Welcome to BURR. Brickcellphone’s Underground Rap Radar.

In this series, Brighton hip-hop DJ, Matt ‘Brickcellphone’ Leppier, is chatting to some of the underground rap talent on his radar. It’s as simple as that.

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This time we have interviewed Baileys Brown, a Bristol producer who has just released a pretty hefty project, Still Fresh, on Potent Funk. Let’s get into it…

Baileys Brown

Ello mate, can you introduce yourself for those who may not know you?

My name is Baileys Brown the Bristol Beat-chef (Stan Lee would be proud of that)…

 How did you get into hip-hop malarkey? What about it appealed to you? 

I got roped into rapping by some of my bredrins that did music tech in College, I’ve always been a fan of the music, then learned how to use a DAW n never looked back!

 How did you meet the rest of the Split Prophets boys – why did you like making music with them?

To be honest, it was Datkid that met them, I had met Res One randomly a couple years before, but yeah me, Datkid and Conz were in a group/collective called Dem or Us. He met them out on road rapping at a cypher on Stokes Croft one time, about 3 months before the drop of poison.

 This new project is a real exciting one with a lovely range of rappers. Some fellow Bristolians and some legendary figures like Leezus and Dabbla. How did you choose what rappers you want on this album?

 I just went with a mix of artists I was already working with and rappers that I rate and like their music, but to be honest, pretty much everyone on here is fam, and they’re all dope.

 At 44 minutes long, there’s a lot of material on Still Fresh. Why did you want this to be an LP rather than something shorter?

 It’s been a while since i released anything as a solo artist under just the Baileys Brown banner, so I wanted to make sure I caught everyone up on where we are at these days.

What are your three top purchased off-licence products?

 GV Bright, blue rizla and a magnum tonic wine tuh’rahs lol.


The floor is yours, give us some shoutouts, a line from your favourite book, a brief description of your favourite dish… Anything goes in this bit. 

 I want to shout out everyone on the album, massive shout to Potent Funk, colossal shout out to Dabbla and make sure you all head to the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch on Friday 3rd August for my LP launch party and my birthday celebrations.

If you’re into our B.U.R.R. series, there are three of ’em in the new mag…


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