Offie Mag Spotify: Now with added R.A.E, Nah Eeto and Mac Wetha…

July, what a scorcher.

There’s been some (more) weird weather, 50 years since somebody (maybe) stepped onto the moon and (probably) the most idiotic politician of all time becoming the Prime Minister.

As well as all this, it has been a bloody great month for music with some fantastic projects being released left, right and centre. As such, the Offie Mag Music of the Month Spotify Playlist has been updated. Follow it.

If you like to read, why don’t you consume the following words about some of our musical picks this month, courtesy of Brickcellphone?

R.A.E. – R.A.E.

Now this one really is an instant classic. R.A.E. aka Rise Above Everything’s aesthetic isn’t the only thing that’s ‘oh so 90s’ – her music is too. The London artist’s sound is nostalgic with contemporary lyrics and references. Visually strong, too, her video for Damn Jermaine was our Video of the Month a while back.

This self-titled tape is the first project from her and we can only imagine that there’s so much more to come. So sick, brilliantly positive and uplifting from start to finish. You’d be foolish not to have a listen of this one.

Stand out tracks: Melanin, Who Is She?

Nah Eeto – 53

Blah Records’ Nah Eeto is back again, this time with a full EP.

After spending a lot of time in her native Kenya collaborating with local artists and friends, she has released her debut project and it’s a trap sensation. There are a few Blah Records artists featured as well, so you should probably listen to this right away if you’re a self-described cult member.

Nah Eeto, who originally began her creative journey as a photographer and videographer, is now rapping over some of the hottest production, in both Swahili and English. It’s proper fire fuego.

Stand out tracks: Mafu, Kichaa II ft. Dope-I-Mean & Stinkin Slumrok

Mac Wetha – Mac Wetha & Friends

Okay, shit just got very real.

Mac Wetha, surely one of the finest young producers around at the moment, has just released a very serious body of work. The rise of the producer tape is a wonderful thing and Mac Wetha really shows you how it’s done here.

Mac Wetha and Friends .png

Calling on a selection of his extremely talented mates to body his beats, two gorgeous instrumentals are also thrown into the mix for safe measure. The inclusion of guitar riffs in this work isn’t from samples – as those who caught Biig Piig on her recent festival run will know, Mr Wetha knows his way around the ol’ stringed axe.

Stand out tracks: Spit in Your Face B ft. Louis Culture & Lava La Rue, Ode to Mumma ft. Biig Piig

Some of these tunes are instant Offie Mag classics with the likes of the aforementioned Piig, Puma Blue and Louis Culture on the supporting cast. This release is our Pick of the Month for July, so we invited the bloke in question down to Brighton for some Offie Mag Radio chit-chat. Check it out.

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