OFFIE MAG and Foundations book Black Josh for Brighton headline show

Your favourite off-licence themed magazine, Off Licence Magazine, have booked in their first-ever ticketed event as they bring Black Josh to Brighton.

On August 23rd, Patterns’ basement stage will be filled by some of the finest talent on Offie Mag’s radar for what will hopefully be the sweatiest night of the Foundations series to date. Having done a handful of free events that were DIY AF, Offie Mag have joined forces with Patterns in the hope of throwing a party where the roof remains intact, throughout.

After the ceiling collapsing during the ISSUE THREE Launch Party and the event being cut a little short, expect this night to go on until 4am with Brighton’s DJ/Producer prodigy Changing Currents taking over after Black Josh.


Elsewhere, the local energetic trap duo that is Nokia Mansion and punk hip-hop outfit, Para Fiction will be doing their thing and should be on fine form, too, having both played Boomtown a fortnight before. Aside from the DJ talents of R∆F and our very own Mayor of Brighton, Brickcellphone, our other main act is Virgil Hawkins.

The South London artist released OFFIE MAG’s Album of the Year in 2018 and will bring all the range of sounds that we love him for to Brighton for the first time. Expect US-inspired rap with a quintessential Britishness to it and reloads aplenty once XAN drops.

The silly thing is, that if you buy your ticket quick enough al this will only cost 3 quid. So if you’re even considering coming down to Patterns on Friday 23rd August, buy a ticket now on DICE. Find the Facebook here.


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