Offie Mag Spotify: Now with added Nokia Mansion, Para Fiction and Chloe Bodur…

August, another wild one. Over. Finito.

As we look forward in wonder as to what the next month shall bring, let’s take a quick look at what we’ve added to our playlist this month. With a load of releases from all sorts of talent all over the country, as well as some freshies from Brighton’s underbelly, there’s new hip-hop, happy trap, punky wonky noise, jazz and more in Offie Mag’s updated Spotify playlist…

Pick of the month: dereck d.a.c. – Umm.. Random Shit

dereck dac

You probably don’t know about dereck d.a.c. quite yet, but this is somewhat of a monumental release for us – we’ve been waiting to see what Dereck sounds like recorded, over beats that he (along with Kian) have created – rather than just spitting mad freestyle at live cyphers.

Although this tape is only 15 minutes long, we think you’ll enjoy every second of it. It’s DOOM-esque low-fi production, Trellion-like skits, bossa influence and vivid imagery are sure to appeal to our readership.

It’s our Pick of the Month, so we had dereck come on Offie Mag Radio. He did a freestyle for old time’s sake.

Tracks added to the playlist: Far Apart, Cheesy

Track of the month: Nokia Mansion – Nokia Low

Nokia Mansion, aka Bador & Sly Fieri are back again. They just can’t stop releasing bangers, it’s actually quite jokes.


After shutting down House of Vans, performing at Boomtown and most recently at Patterns supporting Black Josh, it’s been a busty August for Nanshen. They also came on Offie Mag Radio to talk about their latest release, Nokia Low, a guitar-sample-led track where Bador’s usual energy meets Sly’s subtle brilliance.

Video of the month: Kojaque & Luka Palm – AirBnB

These two blokes have done a madness once more.




You know this duo from Politicksis on Kojaque’s Deli Daydreams and from their previous single, Date Night. They return with the first single off their upcoming project, Green Diesel. If you’re a fan of Kojaque and Luka Palm, you’ll know they take their videos very seriously – and it shows.

Mad colours, mad transitions and a good sense of humour that shows these two happen to be real life human beings as well as talented artists. Also almost forgot, buy an ISSUE THREE with Kojaque on the front.


Bill Shakes – EH?

If you don’t know by now, you probably never will.

Bill Shakes is a legend of UK hip-hop, a talent and a character that we paid tribute to in ISSUE THREE. Hailing from Blackburn, the Blah Records rapper has just released a rare full-length project and it is one that documents life in the Lancashire town.

As original as you like, production from Lee Scott helps to tie Big Billy Shakes’ facts and fables together on what is a subtle masterpiece.

Bador – Seasons

Bador, like Dereck, is a guy that we’ve been following and waiting for a release for a long time and it’s finally here.

We are really really excited for this and recommend that you listen as soon as you possibly can, as the 18-year-old spills out some heartfelt lyrics on this debut EP. The Brightonian features local music legend, Ian on the opening track and covers all seasons like a young Vivaldi.

Track added to the playlist: Winter

Lilthaiprince – It Be Like That Sometimes 

It really do.






Love him or hate him, your mum’s favourite happy trap rapper is back. After the release of his debut self-titled tape, he’s returning with a meme ridden, 15 minute EP that SHLAPS from front to back. This project found its way into our inbox a few weeks back and we’ve been banging it ever since.

Track added to playlist: Blueface Is My Top Friend on Myspace

Chloe Bodur – Money is my Medicine

Wow, what a lovely two-sided single this is.

The London-Brighton singer probably knows her way around a Thameslink or Gatwick Express, being native to London but studying in Brighton up until recently. Part of an exciting number of jazz-leaning musicians on our radar right now, her debut EP is soulful, poppy release in which her samba influence simmers through.







You can catch Chloe Bodur, as well as Ebi Soda who feature on this release, at our first ever jazz event.

Track added to the playlist: Medicine ft. Ebi Soda

Para Fiction – Time Debt

These boys are making a lot of noise right now, both literally and figuratively.

Para Fiction have been knocking the shit out of shows, with both PA and live band sets. Booked to support the likes of Chlobocop and Black Josh in August, they keep the workrate up their first single since L££CH RIDDEN: Episode 1 came out. And it is as hard as ever. The video came out a few days back too and you can check it out here.

Brad Stank – Watering the Garden

We love Brad Stank, we do.

One of the only artists we know who manages to be sad and sexy at the same time, the Scouser is touring this Autumn from Birkenhead to Brighton. His new single Watering the Garden has been played on several Offie Mag Radio shows over August.





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