9 of the best urban scavengers

Meet some of the most notorious city-dwelling animals around today in our comprehensive breakdown of the best urban scavengers of 2019. 

Despite us living in overpriced houses and studio flats, we are actually living amongst animals like never before. They’ve got a taste for old pizza and bin juice… and they like it. For our weekly Clickbait feature, we give you some urban scavengers.

offie mag clickbait


What you might want to call an upmarket urban scavenger, the Magpie is constantly on the lookout for shiny valuables, making it a particularly crucial cog in the urban scavenger black market. Look out Gertrude, that 200-year-old family heirloom may well be under threat… from above.

Urban Magpie


The quintessential urban scavenger, Foxes pretty much wrote the book on taking advantage of us humans. Whether its hunting chickens from back gardens or sandwich wrappers out of bins, these guys know exactly where to find a meal in our highly modern and unnatural urban environment.

Urban Fox


Show us a more annoying urban scavenger and we will show you the door. Boisterous and really rather rude, Seagulls have quickly become the scourge of coastal regions, even making their way further inland. One thing to bear in mind about these little pricks is that they are terrified of trees. Nice.

City Seagull


A moment please, for all the Badgers who have nonsensically lost their lives during the recent and on-going cull. It is genuinely heart-breaking – yeah these guys occasionally carry TB, but they try to stay out of our way as much as possible. They look pretty cool too.



These tiny little dudes are commonplace in capital cities such as Belgrade where their natural predators aren’t quite so prevalent. Watching them scamper around is great fun, and unlike some of the other birds in this article they are actually pretty chill.


Wild Boar 

Wild Boars have been making serious inroads across Western Europe over the last few years, buoyed by an insatiable love of picking at our leftovers. These fellas are aggressive to, imagine what a pig from a broken home would look like a few years into its burgeoning MMA career – they ain’t messing about mate.



One of the cutest urban scavengers around, the Raccoon has long been adapted to dense city environments around the world. They are quite friendly most of the time, and their little hands really are adorable. Just hope you don’t encounter one with rabies. You don’t want that.



Is there a living thing that has it any easier than a cat? The lazy bastards. They are more often than not very well fed, but still have a tendency to do a spot of urban scavenging. Just ask the cat that used to jump through my bedroom window every night at around 3am asking for tuna. Hope you’re doing well Byron, long time no see.



Imagine being a pigeon. Imagine having to nod your head every-time you wanted to step forward. Imagine going absolutely loco at anything thrown on the floor. Nah mate. 



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