BURR 31: Layfullstop


In this latest episode of BURR, we have an interview with Layfullstop.

One of the most exciting female rappers in the country at the minute, full stop. Lay’s potential is massive and her discography is growing, too. Her Cherries EP came out this month, so it seems a good time to get to know her a little better.



You live in Manchester by way of Birmingham, which place has helped you creatively the most?

Both have been really important to who I am. Birmingham gave me the edge and confidence, whereas Manchester gave me the space to use that in my music and connect with other people who were creatively similar to me.

Your latest track PMT is lush by the way, so British, very up our street. What has the reception been like?

Aye blessings man! The support has been super humbling, the song is really a true reflection of all the different types of sounds that I genuinely love, so it’s dope that people are vibing with it.

What can we expect from you in the next few months, are you working on a project?

Sure thing, I’ve literally just released my project “Cherries” so you can get that everywhere right now. I’ve also got some really great shows coming up which I’ll be announcing in the next few weeks… So keep your eye and ears peeled!

How do you decide on beats, do you have an email full of em, or do you only work with people around you?

I go through different phases, most of the times I know what I want, but I love when producers surprise me. I’m usually a first instinct kinda artist, I know straight away whether it’s right for me… But I do have instances like with my single ‘Cherries’ where I didn’t actually write to the beat until 3 years after getting it.

You’ve worked with the likes of Children of Zeus, who have become a bit legendary up in Manchester, how did that link-up come about?

We’ve been wanting to link up and do a collab for ages, but we never forced it because we’ve always appreciated each other beyond the music. We eventually got into the studio to record ‘Fear of a Flat Planet’ and I know we loved it when we were making it in the studio, but the reception really has been amazing.

It’s a bit of a lame question, but who are some of your main inspirations?

I’d have to say Esperanza Spalding, my 90s (female) MCs, The Internet, Lalah HathawayRapsody..all these artists have something unique about their sound and their music, but I also love who they are as artists and musicians.

Is there anyone in Manchester that we wouldn’t have heard of that we should definitely check out?

Hopefully, you already know some of these artists, but some of my favourites right now is HMD, Mali Hayes, Al Conteh, an amazing producer and more, Isaiah hull… I could go on but you get the point..


And finally, what three things do you find yourself buying from offies the most?

I’m defo going for a Ribena, packet of sweets (depends on what kind of day it is) and most often and the best item, noodles.


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