Offie Mag Spotify: Now with added Bone Slim, Joe Armon-Jones (feat Jehst) and more

The ongoing Offie Mag Spotify playlist has been updated, as summer gets washed away by all this rain.

Autumn can be alright, to be fair. If you’ve been in the education system for over half of your life, it always has the feel of a new year and some artists have started the new term in style. Here are a few new additions to our Offie Mag’s Music of the Month, including British hip-hop royalty and up and coming talent.

Jam Baxter and Lee Scott – Who’s Ur Mate (Happy Hour At The Super Fun Time Party Dome Megamix 4000)

The sort of album that eats into your word count before you’ve even told anyone that it’s great, this release sees a rare Blah x High Focus collab.

Put out on Blah Records, Jam Baxter and Lee Scott join forces on a release that truly possesses the best of both. Assumably made on a tequila-infused trip, Lee Scott does that thing where he sounds like the best rapper ever without even trying and Jam Baxter confuses and amazes you at the same time.

The video for Who’s Ur Mate is a bit of alright, too.

Joe Armon-Jones –  The Leo & Aquarius (featuring Jehst)

Another British hip-hop legend is on our updated Spotify playlist here, as Jehst appears on Joe Armon-Jones’ newly dropped album.

The pianist and composer has yet again set the bar high for his jazz counterparts, merging genres with his talented fingers and ambitious soundscapes. When we saw he’d got Jehst in for a feature we shat ourselves with excitement.

RADA – Old Flame

We’re always intrigued when a 237 member drops some new noise, such is the range of artists and sounds that come from the London collective.

RADA brings something different, with dreamy pop that, if you really wanted to, you could listen to as you watch a couple leaves turn and fall. Only if you want to, though.

KEYAH/BLU – til bliss

This has been a regular play on Offie Mag Radio this month. KEYAH/BLU seems to get better and better with everything she puts out. The mad thing is, this song was apparently made ages ago, produced by Changing Currents.

Video is out as well. Have a looksie.

Bone Slim – Benches

NiNE8’s Bone Slim put out our Pick of the Month earlier this year. His debut EP Bone Chilled Milk was very special and this dystopian prelude ifiwas2015 is just as good.

The rapper’s storytelling is in point. He tells tales of his suburban endeavours in this coming of age tale. Production on this baby is silly, too. Benches is a jazzy affair, whereas Realm has a griminess to it and more than anything, there’s something wonderfully hip-hop about Mr Slim, too.

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