7 ways to up your toast game this Autumn

How to make your toast better.

As summer quite quickly dissipates into autumn, toast consumption across the UK is set to skyrocket as we try to deal with the increasingly gloomy weather, Brexit, and an all round powerful sense of dread. You’ve no longer got time for lazy summer mornings, it’s time for toast.

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Toast crosses boundaries like nothing else. We all love toast. From the corporate bozos in their ivory towers, to underpaid factory workers, students, single parents, OAPs… the list goes on but they all have one thing in common – toast. So standby, things are about to get a little bit mental as we run through 7 ways that you can up your toast game this Autumn…


It certainly pays to be inventive these days, and with that in mind why not try marinating your bread before you put it in the toaster. A light brush of olive oil infused with garlic, chilli salt and pepper will do the trick nicely. 

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Crank Up Dat Spread 

Don’t listen to those weird freaks who tell you to have toast with minimal butter. They’re idiots mate. Life is too short to underbutter. Take the day by its horns and slap on as much Norpak as you bloody well please. 


Switch up your bread genre

For better or for worse, white bread has become somewhat of a staple for us avid toast munchers. But have you ever considered a brown multi-seeded loaf? Could even go sourdough if you’re feeling particularly boujee. The possibilities are endless.

What's the best bread?

Peanut Butter Jelly 

Why not take a dip out of our transatlantic and slightly mad cousin’s book. That’s right, it’s peanut butter jelly time. Of course, the jelly here is actually jam (you know what those Americans are like). But anyway it’s a winning combo, it really is.

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Experiment with your toaster settings

Now here’s a good one: play around with your toaster settings. Don’t live the rest of your life stuck on the 2.5 setting – there are whole worlds of toast degrees to explore, right from charred to a crisp all the way through to unnervingly soft. Have a gander and see what suits you best. 

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Buy fresh 

As with most things in modern life it really does pay off to buy fresh for your much-anticipated toast. Hell, you could even try making the bread yourself – can’t get much fresher than that. You’ll never have a more satisfying slice of toast either.


Slice into triangles

Treat yourself. Despite the rushes of modern life, find time to look out for number one. Everyone knows that toast tastes better when it’s sliced into triangular form, so just do it. Don’t worry about cleaning the extra crumbs, that can wait until after work.


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