5 House of Pharaohs bangers

To make a list of the best House of Pharaohs songs is a challenge.

With a hefty back catalogue and vibrant recent release in Seasons II, it’s not even necessary either, go find out your favourite tunes yourself innit.

But, with House of Pharaohs gracing our coastline at Patterns this week, we’ve written you a comprehensive list of our favourite tunes by them.

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A bloody talented bunch, aren’t they? Each member bringing their own style to each and every tune. Their shows go off, too. Should be a good one, with a certain Lord Apex on support.

1:11 (2015)

Old but gold. One of those ones that you can’t find anywhere except YouTube. This is probably one of our favourite HOP videos as well.

“Keep it going, coming back for what you owe us, blowing so much smoke leaving holes in the Ozone”

DRAWS (2016)

“Big buds and they green like an Ogre, Shrek & Fiona”

London’s Finest (2017)

The title of this one might just be true. One of the most prolific rap groups in the capital, House of Pharaohs have carved their own lane of excellence.

“Three tings what a meal deal, going up but we still chill”

Wrist Work (2018)

This one is silly. Off of The Fix EP that made our best of 2018 round-up last year, this is guaranteed to go down well at each and every city touched by the HoP tour.

“Pop a zoot before I skate through the gate at Heathrow Airport
Then I just got a text from mum she said “be careful”

GANG (2019)

Finally, this is where House of Pharaohs are at now.

Blending those rap-led London sounds like no-one before them, Seasons II and the corresponding tour seems like the perfect celebration of everything achieved so far. GANG, arguably the lead track off the release, has one of the best beats of the year.

On top of that, typically diverse delivery from each and every member present.

“Hot box in a hot whip, round the baitest ends”

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