Offie Mag Spotify: Now with added Layfullstop, Thelonious Coltrane and more

It was quite a month, wasn’t it?

As Septembers in this country often are – it’s been full of amazing weather, terrible weather and normal weather. Similarly to every month previous to this one, it’s also been full of amazing music hailing from all politically turmoiled land we live on.

Here is a small sample of the lovely things we’ve added to our Spotify playlist. It’s now almost 6 hours of tasty treats for your earholes to gorge upon. Here ya go:

Thelonious Coltrane – Theo U Should Be Better

Thelonious Coltrane hails from Frankfurt, but his latest track, the wonderfully funky masterpiece, Theo U Should Be Better makes you feel like you’re cruising around Long Beach in a drop-top Buick – did I mention it’s 1979 and you’re wearing fingerless leather gloves and a pair of Nike Cortez?

Layfullstop – PMT

Layfullstop Cherries

Brickcellphone recently had the pleasure of interviewing Layfullstop for his ongoing BURR series.

In that, she told us a thing or two about her recently dropped EP, Cherries, in her own words. But, in our own words, it’s beautiful. The beats are well-chosen and soulful, ideal for this multitalented artist to get her message across upon.

Telling you about growing up as she reflects over five-tracks, there’s a cohesiveness to the EP that a lot of artists don’t manage. It means that once you whack on the opening track, Sounds from the Rainbow, you may as well go about your day for the next 18 minutes until the final banger, PMT plays out.

There’s a jazzy hip-hop sound to Cherries, but one that still sounds fresh and contemporary. The blurring of rapped and sung lyrics helped in this, with seemingly every mood set by Layfullstop’s voice and delicate accent.

Get on this basically, it’s class.

George Bucks – How Much


Finally, a project from the talented Reading native, we’ve been waiting for this for a hot sec. Big Bucka Bucks proves his talents with this tape, spitting Grime and Hip Hop flows over a range of beats and its actually very peng. Lovely stuff mate x

Lava La Rue & Mac Wetha – Biscuit

The NiNE8 Collective founder and Offie Mag ISSUE THREE cover star (go cop that, here) *eyes emoji* is back with her sophomore tape, this time she’s just showing off.  Biscuit is one of many tunes here produced by Mac Wetha on this tape, and they both kill it off. It’s an undeniably special link up as always.

Wiki & Madlib – Eggs

This a collaboration that we’re oh so happy with. Madlib is renowned for only working with the cream of the crop – MF Doom, J Dilla, Freddie Gibbs, Talib Kweli – the list goes on. Now added to that list, Wiki, the New York native who’s probably one of my (Brickcellphone’s) favourite rappers of all time. So, yeah. Pretty happy with this one, can we all hope and pray that a tape is on the cards????

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