BURR 33: Nokia Mansion


Welcome to BURR. Brickcellphone’s Underground Rap Radar.

In this series, Brighton hip-hop DJ, Matt ‘Brickcellphone’ Leppier, is chatting to some of the underground rap talent on his radar. It’s as simple as that.

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BURR 33: Nokia Mansion

We thought for Episode 33, we’d use 3310 as a reference point. It’s them Nokia Mansion boys.

These two are making a lot of noise in that ‘if you know you know’ way that underground cult-like acts often do. There’s a hype around them and more so, a hype around every time they grab microphones at live events.

Their Soundcloud is a wonderful place, too. Every now and then they drop a new tune and somehow it’s always a banger. The production, the delivery, the hooks. They’re good at rapping. Learn a little more about them here so you can tell your mates you knew about them before they were big.

Hello chaps! For those who may not know ya, can you introduce yourselves?

Bador: My names Sam, I do things and make music.

Sly Fieri: Nokia Mansion aka Nanshen aka finesse your girl.

You guys both rap and release music separately to Nokia Mansion, can you  talk about that a bit and tell us how your solo music differs from Nanshen’s stuff?

Bador: I don’t really think there’s a difference in what we do separately. Obviously sonically it’s not always the same, but we’re both always creating. Lots of ideas from solo ventures often creep up in what we do in Nokia Mansion.

Sly Fieri: We both have always had our own styles, always been individuals in our element. Badrr with his crazy young king skills and me with my weird-ass melodic shit, it always seemed far fetched to combine them and maybe in a different dimension we never did, but luckily you live in a dimension where we fucking did so enjoy.

Is being surrounded by mates imperative to the music that you make? 

Bador: Yes and no. Personally. I think it’s always important to surround yourself with the right people but I don’t feel as if that dictates us to do a certain thing. We’ll do what we want because we want to.

Sly Fieri: Being surrounded by the people we are is so imperative bro, I think people really underestimate the power of surrounding yourself with influential ambitious characters. Don’t sit around with your alcoholic opinionated boys when you got ones out there who would do anything to be successful and see the best in life, that shit in a person is something I really respect and look for, don’t @ Sly if all you got is big words and no results.

What are your live shows like, we know they can get pretty wild? 

Bador: We’re still tryna to work out how to give the best performance possible – What works best, what visuals we’d wanna use, how to bounce off of each other and bring a hype without ruining the sonics of the tracks. We’re always bringing a vibe but it can only get better with time. 

Sly Fieri: Ahahahaha, our live shows – mannnnnn our live shows are what your mum told you never to go to. You want steez combined with energy? Get a fucking

What’s coming in the future? Can you tell us about 3310? 

Bador: 3310 is the name of our first full body of work.

Sly Fieri: So 3310 is the mixtape, 3310 is the dream, the life, the music, the aesthetic, encapsulated in one form. All I can say is that you better believe that this mixtape, this birthchild,  is much more and much better than you ever expected from a young pair of weird ass kids like us.

I’m just popping to the offie, what do you both want? 

Bador: Cherry B, 30g, and a Kinder Bueno please.

Sly Fieri: I want a Crunchie, grab me some lemon water and a fucking pack of sweet chilli Sensations.

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