Something that is old Thursdays: Kojaque – Sunday Roast (2016)

Irish rapper, producer and Soft Boy extraordinaire Kojaque has risen to wide critical acclaim in the last 12 months.

Embodying the exciting nature of independent music in the Republic of Ireland, Kojaque’s music – be it via the beautiful downbeat self-reflection of Deli Daydreams or the fuel injection that is Green Diesel – is connecting with a bigger crowd than ever before. And it’s muchly fucking deserved.

Order a mag and read our interview Kojaque.


Soft Boys have been doing their own brilliant thing for a while now and, while it’s still early days in terms of their plan to turn the whole world Soft, the groundwork feels done. We’ve dusted off Kojaque’s debut release for our weekly throwback article, in case you need to do your history homework.

Sunday Roast is, if you wanted evidence back in 2016 that Irish hip-hop could be done and done well, exactly what you’re after. Kojaque is as sassy as ever on this seven-track release, rapping with the creative frustration of someone who doesn’t know how many people may even listen to him.

It’s class, it is. Drink it in. Like a thick beef gravy.

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