BURR 34: Wundrop (CMPND)


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In this series, Brighton hip-hop DJ, Matt ‘Brickcellphone’ Leppier, is chatting to some of the underground rap talent on his radar. It’s as simple as that.

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BURR 34: Wundrop (CMPND)

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with High Focus Records’ latest signings, CMPND.

Brightonians, themselves, the fitting venue of that Spoons just off North Street was where each of these interviews went down. We start with their producer, Wundrop, whose been making beats and spitting borderline horror-core raps from these shores for a while now.

Alright mate, can you introduce yourself for those who may not know ya?

I’m Wundrop aka Wundrizzy aka King Long aka Slack Flash aka Major Lazy aka General Waste aka whatever.

How did CMPND start?

I met Kemastry about four years ago in my old yard – I moved away and when I was needing to move back to Brighton, we moved in together. We moved in with our mate Gaijin but he was sick of our shit and left, Vitz filled the room and started putting verses on things.

 Why’s Eagle Court imperative to this debut release?

There was no other possibility, it could’ve only been Eagle Court man, it was written in the stars.

How important is it to get your friends on this tape?

More important for others. It’s not that important to me, it’s more about quality, homies are homies at the end of the day and that’s always gunna be put aside. If I wanna see you outside of a track that’s no relation to whether I want you on my music or not. IT’S ALL LOVE THO!

How does your solo music differ from CMPND’s sound?

I got a lot more time to reflect about what I say, CMPND’s we just got pissed up and bounced off each other, someone would spit a four bar and it would be like “nah that was better than mine, I need to say something mad cocky in the next four bars” and that’s the way that worked, it was all very spur of the moment. Whereas when i’m on my own I have time to think a bit more and get a bit more emosh.


Did you listen to any High Focus rappers growing up?

Yeah man! Baxter obviously, big up Baxter. I don’t wanna say nothing cos nothing is set in stone but i’ve sent him some beats and that, so I think we are gunna do some stuff together, he’s taken a couple of beats off me and i’m hoping they will reemerge at some point in the near future.  Gruesome Features was one of my first HF purchases, Scarecrow’s Perspective I bought in 2011 or whenever it came out as well, that was a fucking eye opener for me. I’ve always fucked with it, I think the older I got and the more I catered for my tastes. I delved a little deeper and found some other labels and that. High Focus is where the train started and now I’m getting on it, it’s cool man.

Do you offer something different from other High Focus artists?

Music is obviously super super subjective, everyone likes what they like and that, but artists are starting to realise that switching up your style is not selling out. Every genre throughout history has started off somewhere and grown and developed into bigger and better things, some people kept it old school and some people wanted to experiment and push boundaries or whatever. I think everyone around us sees that times they are a changin’. Everyone is modernising their sound and we definitely made an effort to do something different, when Xander heard us he obviously thought the same. I don’t think it’s a mad effort to shake up High Focus cos they’ve always had wavy cats on there, like Onoe and that, he’s been on there for years and he’s got some mad steez, same and Strange U and that.

You don’t just rap init, you play some instruments as well?

Yeah, I used to play drums as a kid and bass and guitar – just the standard three man. My mum is a pianist and my dad’s a guitarist – my dad’s in a band called Eddie and the Hot Rods shout out to Barry Masters, he sadly passed last week, rest in peace, what a legend. I’m going to dedicate this pint to Barry Masters, rest in peace. I didn’t have a choice, I played shit from a young age.

Describe the tape in three words?

Notice of Eviction

Just popping to the shops, can I get you anything?

Magnum and a Lambrini, that’s a Lamborghini.


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