Offie Mag’s jazz series continues with Pyjæn and Tina Edwards…

Off Licence Magazine’s debut jazz event sure was special.

With the simple notion of Jazz…. in Brighton as the theme, we managed to completely sell out Patterns’ Jazz Club. All of Yadasofi, Chloe Bodur and Ebi Soda nailed their sets on a special evening, whetting the appetite for our next instalment with Pyjæan and Tina Edwards on October 23rd.

Find the FB event here.

The London-based Pyjæan is something very unique. Writing about what a jazz group ‘sounds like’ is one of the biggest challenges (and crimes) in music journalism. However, allow us to chuck some buzz words like hip-hop, funk and soul at you, while you listen to what this talented bunch actually sound like below:


Pyjæan’s recent self-titled release is led not just by Ezra Collective’s Dylan Jones, but by each of the five souls involved. Going from ambient to dancey in the wildest of transitions, this project is sure to be captivating live – especially as the guys are in the midst of a tour.

As for Tina Edwards? Well, the Worldwide FM DJ has played her own role in this beautiful jazz surge that we find ourselves in right now. A writer, broadcaster and journalist, too, we’re equally intimated by her knowledge of the genre in question as we are excited to have her on the bill.

If Tina doesn’t get your feet moving before Pyjæan take to the stage, no-one will. Get your tickets beforehand to ensure you don’t have to watch on through Patterns’ soundproof windows from a rainy smoking area.

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