5 of the best jazz clubs in Europe…

This month we continue our Jazz Club series and then at the end of it, we all get kicked out of the EU.

To celebrate and commiserate both respective occurrences, we’re using our Weekly Clickbait to share five of our favourite jazz clubs across Europe. Those who have picked up our magazine and read an Offie Mag travel will know that we know our way around a cheap scamper away, so if you like a bit of this then do buy a mag… you prick.

offie mag clickbait

  1. Jazz Café Alto, Amsterdam

Ah, Amsterdam.

You weird and wonderful place where the beers are small but delicious. Of course, this cultural hub has its fair share of jazz bars but our personal favourite is the humble Jazz Café Alto on Leidseplein.

Always free entry, the venue is marked with a giant saxophone that pops out of the front of the building. Rock up on a night when it’s doors are open and you could see anything from a Cuban jazz band to a group of senior citizens who’ve still got it. Lekker.

2. Harris Piano, Krakow

Central Europe is a sly jazz haven for those willing to make the EasyJet flight over to the likes of Poland, Hungary or the Czech Republic.

Krakow has plenty of jazz bars but the best one, we reckon, is underneath the main square. The main square is enormous, once the biggest in Europe, so even though you’re in the cultural centre of Poland, don’t expect to pay silly prices.

Harris Piano is down a little arcade where plastic, lifesize (ish) jazz legends greet you. Head downstairs, scan the impressive cocktail menu and wander into the main room for live music. A mixture of locals and tourists mingle in this underground spot.

3. Ronnie Scott’s, London

Ronnie Scott’s is to British jazz what butter is to toast.

This historic venue is still thriving today, playing it’s own role in this beautiful current climate for British jazz music. Their Sunday jams are legendary and so is the list of names to visit. The place recently celebrated a landmark birthday, as explained in this lovely video narrated by Stephen Fry.

4. Reduta Jazz Club, Prague

Prague is famous for many things.

The fairytale city hosts both supreme culture and messy stag-dos. When visiting the Czech capital, enjoy the best of both worlds with amazing local beer and the city’s love for jazz.

Offie Mag Travel does Prague.jpg
Offie Mag Travel does Prague, featuring Reduta Jazz Club

In the 1950s and 60s, American culture was fetishised by many in Europe and this longrunning jazz hub is the beautiful child born out of such lust. Reduta has suave red seats all over the place and a varied demographic sips both champagne and Pilsner Urquell.

The list of names to play and visit this iconic jazz club includes Bill Clinton, which they are very proud of.

5. The Jazz Café, London

This venue has become the host of more than just jazz – a reality that allowed British rap legend Lee Scott to coin it the ‘jazz caffy’ during the Cult of Damned takeover this year.

However, for its impeccable sound and quintessential jazz club interior that allows people to eat steak upstairs while Stinkin Sliumrok slides around on his backside on stage, it has to make our list.

Find it in Camden and book a table for your Dad’s dinner or something. Or check their schedule and find a lovely mix of legendary musicians and up and coming stars.

Oh, and don’t forget about our own Jazz Club in Brighton.

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