Something that is old Thursdays: Clbrks – Habits

The elusive rapper, Clbrks put a monumental tape from his catalogue on Spotify this week, making 2017’s Habits our choice for the weekly throwback.

Surely one of London’s finest underground rappers, CL is one of the masters of a sub-subgenre of hip-hop we like to call ‘Boast Rap.’ Listen to him boast about great he is and how shit you are, across 12 songs and 37 minutes of glorious music, produced by Kiina.

Obviously, there’s more depth to the tape than just that, but it’s that effortless swagger that sees Yung C glide across these beats that makes Habits the steezy release that it is. The tape features yer man, Lord Apex, as well as fellow London enigma Looms. The Capriisun feature is timely as well, adding a fresh perspective on track 10 of this hefty, timeless project.

Clbrks has given you new music this year with our February Track of the Month, Red Snapper and the recent drop with Mundy. We probably aren’t the only people looking forward to future full project from the man in question.



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