6 misunderstood ghouls, monsters & wizards

Like it or not, Halloween is happening on October 31st.

To ‘celebrate’ this annual spooky occasion, here’s some time relevant clickbait about some misunderstood ghouls, monsters and wizards. If you want even more celebratory Halloween festivities from Offie Mag, come to Dead Wax on the 31st for our Halloween Hoot’nanny.

offie mag clickbait

Frankenstein’s monster 

Frankenstein’s monster is criminally misunderstood. For a start, most people think his name is Frankenstein, but that is actually the name of his creator.

The sad monster spends his time basically trying to get a hug, but all anyone ever does is run away screaming, or worst, try to kill him. When he finally gets a good old look at himself in a lake, things get even sadder. Spare a thought for Frankenstein’s monster this Halloween.

frankenstein's moster


He doesn’t ask for much, just get out of his goddamn swamp would ya?



Obviously, the thermo-nuclear monster Godzilla has an appetite for destruction, but what many people fail to realise is that it often works together with us humans in the battle against some bigger threat. That being said, Godzilla isn’t exactly nice, but is that just because it is tired of being misunderstood? Maybe this beast just wants a hug too. His arms are always outstretched for one.


Sirius Black 

Sirius Black was falsely accused of the betrayal of the Potters, and the murder of Peter Pettigrew and 12 muggles, subsequently ending up in the Prison of Azkaban. On his escape, everybody thought he was after Harry Potter, and it turns out he was, but not in order to murder him. Oh no, Sirius was actually his godfather. What a misunderstood ghoul.


King Kong 

Oh come on, this gigantic dude is deep in the throngs of love and has just been forcibly removed from his island paradise. Cut him some slack. He is also a total badass; we’d like to see you scale the empire state building without a harness.

giphy (2).gif


Sure he can be a bit of a dick, but Gollum (or should we say Smeagol) only wants his shiny all-powerful ring back – can you blame him? And anyway, he can even be kinda cute sometimes.


All ghouls are welcome to our Halloween Party tomorrow night.

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