Offie Mag Spotify: Now with added Yugi, Summer Sons and more…

God it ain’t half getting cold.

Weather’s gotten chilly, too. Here are our favourite new music releases from October, all of which you can find in our Spotify playlist.

Yugi – Bronze Boi

Our Pick of the Month this time comes from up Norf, as Yugi drops his debut EP.

We’ve always got an eye on hip-hop and rap in that part of the country, with Leeds, in particular, proving to be a hub as shown in ISSUE THREE. However, this is something a little different to what we’re used to hearing from the L-doubleED-S.

Yugi comes on a vibe that a lot of people are gonna wanna call ‘lo-fi,’ which is all fine and well. Brickcellphone dubbed it ‘lo-fi dreaminess’ in a recent Offie Mag meeting. Yugi’s delicate in his lyricism, sounding optimistic despite tales of struggles in his own recent history.

Yugi Bronze Boy

Better Day embodies this the best and it’s the first track we heard, the second on the EP. It feels like he’s another artist in that all-important limbo between doing this music thing professionally and just starting out. It’s the toughest place to be in, surely, but the man Yugi’s clearly about to have good crack at it.

He gets more melodic on Frr, another highlight on this EP packed with quick listens, quick insights into a young artist’s perspective. Each track has tiny snippets of sound effects and skits where the mic is recording but Yugi hasn’t started spitting yet. It’s like you’re there with him ready to induce into a state of head nod before he gets going.

Go listen to it, basically.

Blue Skies – Summer Sons 

Yeah, if you’re looking for an extrmely chilled hip-hop effort, Summer Sons are ya guys.

Based in Germany where you’ll find a large crowd for British hip-hop like this, Summer Sons drop a single for your ears and maybe your soul, too. For it’s just bloody heartwarming it is, sort of thing you need when it’s been raining for four weeks straight.

Production from Slim is as jazzy and smooth as ever, and we love how Turt is never in a rush to say what he’s penned. At one point, it feels like you’re waiting forever for Turt to actually join back in the song. And then he does. With aplomb.

Elsewhere, we’ve got bits from the new Biig Piig EP, the new Greentea Peng EP and some lovely Skinny Pelembe in the ongoing Offie Mag playlist.

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