Off Licence Records to launch with sly fieri listening party

Yeah, we’re doing a label now, too.

Off Licence Records is set to launch with a special free event at the British hip-hop cornerstone that is Rarekind Records. And we’re delighted to announce that Off Licence Records’ first release will be Brighton rapper and singer, sly fieri’s debut EP… on DVD.

flameboy advance will be exclusively available on DVD and Rarekind Records on November 23rd will be the first place you can get it. Starting from 6.30pm at the Trafalgar Steet store, we’ll be listening to the EP from start to finish and hosting a Q&A with sly fieri, himself.

We’ll also have a PS2 set-up if anyone wants to try and beat sly at FIFA. Oh, and a DJ set from Brickcellphone. See you there, should be fun. OFFIE MAG x

Check the Facebook event here.

Follow Off Licence Records on Instagram.

Follow sly fieri on Instagram.

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