Something that is old Thursdays: Children of the Damned – Brick Pelican

This British hip-hop masterpiece is ten-years-old now.

Children of the Damned’s Brick Pelican album is your beloved partner. You’ve been together for years now and while your head may be turned from time to time, there’s no-one you’d rather be with.

You love their imperfections. And when it gets down to it, nothing gets you going more than the one you hold closest when it’s time to get funky. That Brick Pelly funk, that Sly Moon Funk, that Cold Sag Run Marathon.

It’s a trip down memory lane with a warm can of Holsten’s and a soggy bit of hash. Along with Tourette Camp before it, Brick Pelican laid the very blueprint for the whole Blah Records legacy that is still very much being written today.

The drums slap differently. The samples make your spine tingle. It’s got Barebase on it.


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