Best things to order at Febo…

For those of you who have never been to The Netherlands, allow us to introduce the great fast food chain in the world. Febo.

Pronounced ‘fay-boh’ by locals, ‘FEEEBOH’ by Brits abroad and dubbed ‘big Feebs’ by a hungry Lilthaiprince & Sami Swoi in 2018, it’s a must-eat in Amsterdam.

Your ability to order your food may or may not be impaired. So, the self-service nature of Febo hits the spot. Spread over major Dutch cities like hot margarine, these establishments house hot letter boxes with snacks inside.

A library of ovens hosting hearty Dutch classics, you put in a couple of Yuri Gellers and you may open one. Krokets, burgers, fried chicken, fries, something brilliant called bami. Take your pick. Or more so, take your pick from these: the best things to get at Febo.

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1. Rundvleeseelkroket

Surely one of the most iconic pieces on the whole Febo menu, the Rundvleeseelkroket is an absolute must-try for any Febo first-timers and even hungry Amsterdam veterans. The creamy beef ragu hidden inside the crispy, breading of the kroket is rich in both flavour and texture and is a tremendously tantalising taste sensation.

A unique journey that only costs 2 euros.

2. Kroket in a bun

It’s a kroket in a bun? It’s obviously amazing? It’s also quite a rare one to find, so if you do manage to get your hands on one, cherish it.

3. Bami

The Bami is an interesting one. While it’s less of a traditional choice, it sure is a delightful one. What is effectively Asian inspired chicken noodles, breaded and deep-fried, it creates a taste sensation that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

As previously mentioned – your ability to order food may or may not be impaired, as is perhaps my ability to correctly remember exactly what it tasted like – but it was probably really good? I mean, it’s surely third for a reason?

4. Hot Cheese (Kaassoufflé)

Dubbed Hot Cheese by the Pumpfake lads on a previous Dutch excursion, known to locals as Kaassoufflé, is effectively a delicious fried pocket of Dutch cheese. Beautifully creamy, but also slightly lethal – get a fresh one and risk scolding the roof of your mouth, get one that’s been sat there for 15 minutes and it becomes less of a Hot Cheese and more of a Tepid Cheese.

5. Chips

You can try to call us boring – but these chips truly are second to none. Cooked fresh to order and one of the only delights that can be ordered exclusively from the counter, the chips are served in a small cardboard tray with a separate sauce compartment (for those of us who don’t like the sauce all over the chips). They’re hot, perfectly salted and the sauce selection, whilst some may say is limited, I say, perfect. The quality of the mayonnaise is impeccable. Sate sauce on chips? Dank je wel.

Honourable mentions: Grillburger.

While the burger, sat there in an oven on it’s own for an unknown amount of time, is far from the best on the menu, you have to try it don’t you?

The heat escapes due to the meaty filling not be wrapped airtight in a deep-fried coating ala kroket. The sauce is a bit weird. It’s nowhere near the top five things to order at Febo, but an Irishman we know once called them ‘coin burgers’ and we’ve had a soft spot of them ever since.

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