5 of our favourite Verbz bangers…

Croydon’s Biggie might only be in his early twenties and only have two official albums to his name, but he’s got the essence of an underground icon already.

From tales of debauchery and drunken seaside antics, to lessons learned from edges of curbs, Verbz is one of the most consistent in Britain’s hip-hop underbelly. He’s worked with some legendary producers, too, with Lewis Parker, Mr Slipz and Morriarchi on his growing list of collaborations.

As his first-ever solo album has recently dropped – and because we’re hosting his launch party in Brighton on Thursday 28th – we’re using our Weekly Clickbait to share our favourite Verbz tracks. Here you go, mate.

offie mag clickbait

Back on Tracks (Produced by Mr Slipz)

Verbz and Slipz. Name a more iconic duo.

Lessons of Adolescence is considered a masterpiece by those who have truly sunk into the grooves of 2017 release. Put out by Radio Juicy, it was high up on our British hip-hop releases of that year and has aged well, too.

For its double-bass funk, Back on Tracks remains a regular go-to track be it at home or in a fairly empty Dead Wax at around 11.19pm on a Thursday.

Lewis Parker – When It Rains It Pours (feat Verbz) 

If you didn’t know how highly regarded Verbz is within British hip-hop circles already, take this co-sign from The Man With The Golden Sound as evidence.

UK hip-hop royalty, Lewis Parker, got your friendly neighbourhood rapper Verbz in for this feature on a track that sounds like an instant classic.

Vitamin G & Verbz – Ruggy Geeza (Produced by Jack CC)

To juxtapose some of that shiny, golden sound, here is some utter ruggedness.

This Soundcloud banger needs more airtime but at the same time, that’s what makes it such an understated track. Not for the first time, Verbz and Vitamin G come together on this one (see below) and do some serious bits. The Vits hook, that cold beat and that Verbz verse makes this a track you’re thrilled to find on a Soundcloud binge.


Mr Slipz – Mic Loud (feat Vitamin G & Verbz)

Vitamin G and Verbz. Name a more iconic duo. Oh wait.

Nah this one slaps differently. The standout banger on a beautiful project from that bloke, Mr Slipz, this goes off live. Both rappers kill it, but for the sake of this article… THE KID VERBZ BEEN ABSURD SINCE HIS WRITTENS WERE VERSED.

Run Run (featuring BaggE & Bador)

We were spoilt for choice picking our highlights from the new Pathways album. Having already put forward a couple heaters for our ongoing Spotify playlist, we thought we’d provide a different one here with Run Run.

BaggE nails the hook, Bador nails his feature and you know who does the rest with his opening and closing bars. It sounds like summer, even though this was released when leaves were already turning.

BONUS: Slumflowers (Produced by illiterate)

Couldn’t leave this one out. One of our favourite producers rappers blokes, illiterate provides the smoothest beat under the sun and Verbz glides across it. Great mental image that. Why’s his shirt off? Anyway, see you tomorrow.

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