Four types of rain to expect on Election Day

The forecast for Election Day is gloomy. Wet cheeks are to be expected across the country. It will also rain.

To preview the big day, we use our Clickbait of the Week to look at the four types of rain you can expect to see, hear and feel on the day Britain goes to the polls.

offie mag clickbait

Hard rain

This is the kind of rain that many people once hoped for but little did they know, just how hard the rain would be.

Coming across the English Channel from Brussels, storm clouds have threatened to open up with this potentially devastating downpour since as long ago as June 2016. You will need more than an umbrella to protect you from this rainy reality – we’d be tempted to head abroad for sunnier climates… permanently.

That deceiving rain

You know when it’s raining outside, but just a little bit? But then you head out and it’s like you’re walking around underwater?

Rain can lie. Rain has lied before and it will lie again. Think tactically to avoid this rain.

rain election day.jpg

Monsoon season

I know what you’re thinking, we don’t have a monsoon season in the UK. But on Election Day anything can happen and, although unlikely and maybe even a bit scary to imagine, this new kind of rain could occur.

Should it arrive, it will likely be blamed on immigration and Nigel Farage will dance in it like George Sampson.

Raining upwards

This is the sort of rain that can change everything. Although it sounds impossible and weather forecasters will never predict it, it can indeed happen.

Should enough raindrops come together and react at the same time, it can rain upwards. Some people want to label this kind of rain as extreme weather but, coming in from the left, it could be the exact kind of rinsing that the country needs. Expect some sun to illuminate this upwards rain, but there are no reports as to whether or not a pot of gold will be found at the end of the cast rainbow.

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