Something that is old Thursdays: Lord Apex LIVE in Brighton (2018)

We can’t even remember how we ended up with this crispy recording on our now-defunct Soundcloud account, but allow us to thank Platform B, NDPNDNTS and Lord Apex for allowing it to happen.

In ISSUE TWO of Offie Mag, Apex told us that he always feels the love when he comes to Brighton. He was in town at least twice in 2018, headlining our first ever event at the end of it and at the beginning of if – around two years ago exactly – he headlined an NDPNDNTS night at Green Door Store. Here’s what that sounded like…

NDPNDNTS next event will see Blah Records’ Nah Eeto headline in Brighton for the first time. You can also catch us selling our latest mag there. Get a ticket here. The Sensei is also back in Brighton himself this month, supported by the likes of Bone Slim, Badrr and Changing Currents. Find tickets for that one here.

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