All you need to know about the Off Licence Magazine ISSUE FOUR Launch Party

Off Licence Magazine is launching ISSUE FOUR.

It’s also speaking about itself in the third person like The Rock as it tells you everything you need to know about the event at Presuming Ed Coffeehouse on Saturday 25th January.


We couldn’t charge you for this one, as it’s all about celebrating the mag and convincing you to buy it. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be some priceless entertainment on offer, though, as we’ve curated a unique line-up that embodies the mag.

Do we have to drink coffee?

Nah, they’ll be booze at the bar. Presuming Ed’s has an incredibly Offie Mag selection of drinks for you lot, like Czech lagers, Dragon Stout and Ting. Don’t bring your own booze, respect the venue innit.

ISSUE FOUR Launch Party Line-Up


One of the most unique sounding and one of our most favourite rappers in the country will be doing his thing LIVE at Ed’s. No need to take your shirt off and mosh or nothing, just shut up and listen.

Kishin Fantastic, himself. Fresh off the back of releasing his first EP of the year, one of London’s most original-sounding rappers will be performing in Brighton for the first time.


Chances are there’ll be a few budding rappers in the room, so at one point in the night, the floor will be theirs. One half of Nokia Mansion, Bador, Brighton’s own, will be hosting the proceedings.


Brighton & Hove’s funkiest DJ and vinyl collector. This guy, bloody hell. Bit of a veteran of Offie Mag events now, having treated dancefloors at our after-parties last year.


Yeah, that guy who eats food and reviews it in Offie Mag can also disc-jockey. Grime, garage, funky, the works.


The Mayor’s got a vinyl set for you lot.

What time does it start?

We’re kicking it off at 7pm and we’ll be running til 11pm.

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