5 acts we want to see at Love Supreme

We love Love Supreme, we do.

We did a big write-up on it in ISSUE THREE of Off Licence Magazine, where sun-kissed Sussex hills and experienced campers caught our eye. As for our ears, they were graced by some of the finest jazz acts from the UK and beyond.

It looks like the first Love Supreme of the decade will provide more of the same, with organisers releasing the line-up in recent days. For our Clickbait of the Week, here are 5 acts we want to see live, up in those glorious Glynde heights.

Sergio Mendes

We lost our collective and proverbial sh*t when Sergio Mendes was announced for Love Supreme 2020.

Legend is a word that gets thrown around an awful lot but it’s almost an understatement for Sergio Mendes. Imagine actually seeing him live. We’ve got some old record we got from Off The Tracks that’s him and his talented friends playing Live at Expo 70. So we guess it’ll be like that, except with the sun on our heads and hundreds of other smiley dancers around us.

Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes

Name a (potentially) more iconic duo. We’ll wait.

Greentea Peng

Surprise, surprise. The artist from the cover of our brand new magazine is on this list of acts we want to see at Love Supreme.

Call it a timely plug if you want but equally, knowing full well what a Greentea Peng live set sounds like, we want to see it at a big festival like this. We’ve seen her play at Hootenanny in Brixton, in our local spot, Patterns and on a boat. We imagine that Love Supreme, with the full band, will be something quite special, too.


This eight-piece collective is incredible live.


This is something that we suspected, but only recently knew for certain after seeing them improvise and groove their way through Concorde 2 on this most recent Kokoroko tour. Over an hour of live afrobeat and jazz, they actually only played six songs. Picking percussion off the floor, opening with Uman and making a delightfully diverse crowd all get on the ground are highlights we want to relive this summer.

Yazmin Lacey

Not Today Mate, but maybe between the dates of July 3rd and July 5th when Yazmin Lacey will be a Love Supreme.

The Notts-based singer released one of our favourite songs of the year with the aforementioned Not Today Mate, and she’s certain to have plenty more new material by the time the summer is in full swing. Her live shows are unreal and we had the pleasure of catching an intimate one at Patterns last year. Somehow we think she’ll manage to charm the larger crowd just the same.

If you haven’t done so already, you can look at the full line-up and ticket information for Love Supreme 2020 at the festival’s website.

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