5 acts we want to see at The Great Escape 2020

The Great Escape will always have a special place in our heart, for when it arrives on Brighton shores, you know it’s the start of the summer.

You also know it’s the start of a long weekend that brings musical types from the world over to our little liberal section of this great big, British rock that we all live on. TGE’s line-up these days is more genre-fluid than ever, with more rap representation and jazz artists than ever before.

Here are five acts we want to see from The Great Escape 2020 line-up, that kicks off on May 13th.


This Glaswegian is gonna go on to become one of the biggest rap or trap acts in the country, we just know it.


Chlobocop’s 2019 EP Pay As You Go ranked highly in our best releases of 2019 and everything that this smoky-voiced, red-obsessed rapper touches turns into bangers. She’s worked with Kojaque & Luka Palm, Lee Scott & Stinkin Slumrok, and she can work a crowd, too.


This Manchester-via-Birmingham artist is a revered talent already. As her Cherries EP last year showed, she’s got the most beautiful, melodic rap sound, playing around with cadences and flows on a release that cemented Layfullstop as one our favourite artists.

We’re yet to see her live set but can imagine that, with that deep, jazzy production, it’d be a perfect moment to stop running around the city and listen to what L’s got to say. Check Brickcellphone’s interview with Layfullstop from last year, btw.



Rap music in this country does not get much more London, much more hard, than the stuff Scuti’s been dropping. There might not be a lot of her output out just yet, but Scuti’s got cult classics to her name with those who know, very much knowing about Skoowup. And they’re really in love with Scuti.

Emma-Jean Thackray

The Great Escape has increased the number of jazz acts on the bill once again and in fairness, there’s always been decent representation for the genre in and around the festival. Anyone make it to The Eagle when Mr Bongo put on Joe-Armon Jones?

Anyway, this year TGE goers must not miss Emma-Jean Thackray. She’s been all over the world and back already, playing countless live shows from Merseyside to Moscow. So, some Sussex music fans shouldn’t phase Thackray and her live set should get some sneaker soles moving.

House of Pharaohs

We’ve seen some great rap and trap acts at The Great Escape over the years,

Offering something a little more sweaty than some of the lovely indie bands at the festival, the likes of Octavian, slowthai and Kojaque have had our resident, Brickcellphone kicking people about in the mosh pit at The Great Escape in years gone by.

This time our top tip for mosh pit is HOP, House of Pharaohs, the London collective of diverse rappers that all have one thing in common; they’re sick. Kevin Taylor, Blaze, Danny Stern, Bandanna, AJ, Sam Wise. Take your pick.

Check the full The Great Escape 2020 line-up here.

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