Brickcellphone’s 5 acts to see at Cross The Tracks 2020

As a group of Millwall fans probably once sung, ‘South London is wonderful.’

While these self-described football hooligans were probably taking about goals or fighting or something like that, they could well have been responding to the recently released line-up for Cross The Tracks.

Set in the luscious piece of South London that is Brockwell Park, this early June weekend treat looks set to be a scorcher once again this year. In anticipation, here are five acts that I, Brickcellphone, am trying to see at Cross The Tracks 2020. Skrt.

Steam Down

Steam Down is an artist collective based out of South-East London, and after winning a host of awards people are now regarding Steam Down as the heart of London’s thriving jazz scene – one of these people being me, at Offie Mag.

We managed to catch them at Brainchild Festival where they were doing all sorts of the mainstage… and my goodness, what a show they put on.

Biig Piig  

How could you not to be fair? If you haven’t seen Biig Piig live and you find yourself at this festival then you really would be a fool to miss her. Her unmistakably smooth vocal melodies and her absolutely stunning band (S/O Mac Wetha & Nile) provide you with the backing track to what is sure to be one of the best sets of the day. SURELY.

Madlib B2B Gilles Peterson

Need I say more, really? Two legends, back to back, or head to head if you will? Providing the ultimate dance experience across some hip-hop, soul and jazz, no doubt.

Chloe Bodur 

If you didn’t catch Chloe at our first instalment of ‘Jazz in Brighton’ in association with Patterns, then now is your chance. She’s sick. Proper sick. Her latest two-sided single Money/Medicine is an Offie Mag-acclaimed masterpiece. Read about Chloe in ISSUE FOUR, stupid.

SEED Ensemble

If you’re a real ‘Jazz Head’ (you must be to some extent if you’re at this festival) then SEED Ensemble are a must-watch.

This is classic Jazz at it’s finest and done well. They were nominated for a Mercury Prize in 2019 and they’re lead by accomplished composer and saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi. I only know all these thanks to a regular at my work, so thanks John. Free long black next time I see ya.

John x the tracks .jpg
Cheers John.


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