March: Gigs what we like the look of…

As we enter March, let us hope that we’ve now seen the back end of Storm Ciara, Dennis, Tom, Dick and Harry.

Our February ‘gigs what we like the look of’ included more gentle noise from the likes of Joe Armon-Jones at Patterns (which was uplifting), Kymara at Bees Mouth (which was wholesome) and MIKE, Jadasea, v7 and Medhane on Lewes Road… which was unreal.

As such, that MWAY Tour featuring the aforementioned rappers tops the bill of gigs to check out this month, spanning Brighton, Bristol and the capital city.

Off Licence Brighton

MWAY Tour: MIKE,  Jadasea and Voldy Moyo in Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol

So yeah, a surreal night in Brighton saw some great rappers touch down on Lewes Road of all places, packing out Electric Brighton with gig-goers who heard about this unique gig through word of mouth. Word of mouth and last month’s gig offerings from Offie Mag, we hope.

It didn’t disappoint with each rapper bringing something different and headliner, MIKE, one the young kings of NYC’s underground rap right now, inspired us and young local rappers in the crowd. He showed how sticking to your guns, to your sound and your best friends as collaborators can pay off, on what felt like a celebration of the fact each of these young rappers is really doing this music thing.

Catch the tour in Bristol at Rough Trade this month, as well as Manny and Glasgow. Tickets available here.

Wiki at Patterns, Friday 6th March

Speaking of incredible New York rappers, another one is touching Brighton this month.

Not just ‘another one’ either, as Wiki, fresh off the back of his delightful and diverse album, ‘OOFIE,’ brings his World Tour to Patterns. Excited ain’t even the word for this one. Brickcellphone’s got the guy tattooed onto his skin, for goodness sake.

An incredible performer who first cut his teeth as part of the iconic group Rat King, Wiki is a young veteran of this rap game and he’s got Master Peace on support, on fine form no doubt after selling out a London headline show himself. See ya in the front row.

EDIT: Brighton’s very own Nokia Mansion have been added to the line-up.


Basement Flat: Wundrop (support from Ash the Author and dereck d.a.c.) at Cowley Club, Friday March 20th

Another fat line-up from the Basement Flat lot sees one third of CMPND, Wundrop, follow up Vitamin G’s headline slot last month. Back at Cowley Club, expect the High Focus rapper and producer to bring some of his Yogocop cult classics to the floor, with that evil-sounding Wundrizzy production and oft-despicable wordplay sure to make your weekend.

The support slots are decent, too, as boom-bap expert Ash the Author comes back to Brighton alongside local hero, dereck d.a.c., the artist behind Offie Mag’s Best Release of 2019. Check the FB event for this one.

Alfa Mist in Hackney, Tuesday 3rd March

This is more of a reminder to go if you already have a ticket than anything else, because the jazz wizard Alfa Mist has already sold out this gig.

Seeing this guy live is special. You either choose to watch in awe as he navigates the keys or shut your eyes and listen to the detailed soundscapes that he and whatever incredible musicians he has on stage with him. I don’t think a month has passed where we haven’t given Antiphon a spin in the Offie Mag office, and his new track Withered is some fine listening, too.

Jehst’s Autumn Nights UK Tour (March 26th in Brighton)

Yeah, that guy from the front cover of our magazine, that guy who is revered as one of the greatest British rappers to ever rap into a microphone with a sock over it. That guy, Jehst.

Off Licence Brighton

Billy Brimstone is on a little UK tour, self-organised and that. He’ll be in Patterns on the evening of March 26th and a little birdie tells us he has new music to share, as well. Jehst’s your will be hitting the likes of London, Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol and elsewhere, too, so be sure to check all the dates here.


Afriquoi at Patterns, Friday 13th March

With members spanning three decades and three continents, Afriquoi are a homage to a truly globalized 21st Century, one in which music has the power to transcend all of the artificial boundaries it is presented with.


It’s not often that anyone manages to instil pure unadulterated joy into their tracks, especially in the often harsh and gritty world of dance music… but these guys do it with ease. Afro-Latin tradition bound together with the pulse of UK club music. Their live and DJ sets are always a spectacle, often ending with tired feet and a sea of unwipeable grins. Brighton’s leading global party starters Tropicalé have got them down at Patterns for a DJ set on the 13th and you know what? It will be fun.

Read about gigs that we’ve already been to and photographed, in ISSUE FOUR of Off Licence Magazine.


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