Off-licences have been added to the government’s list of essential businesses during lockdown

Good news for off-licence shoppers during this COVID-19 madness, as the government has added offies to the list of essential businesses that can stay open during the current lockdown.

Wine Me Up, Booze Corner, International Food and Wine,  AM-PM and more will leave their fluorescently-lit doors wide open to those looking to stock up on rare beers, Haribo and incense sticks throughout the coming weeks.

A late addition to the list, the strain on supermarket booze is thought to be one reason for the decision, as well as Boris Johnson’s fondness for Pickled Onion Monster Munch and a can of Boddingtons.

Wetherspoons mogul, Tim Martin is likely to be pissed off about the news, having tried to keep his own cheap alcohol vendors open during this period of self-isolation, claiming that closures would not help stop the coronavirus. Quite where Dr Martin got his PHD in viral and contagious diseases is unclear, but you can expect him to open a nationwide chain of off-licences in the next few days as a means to shift his stale lager and microwaveable fry-ups.

Until then, continue to support your local offie but do so at a safe, social distance. Offie Mag.

Offie Mag

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