Puma Blue releases a new live album with proceeds going to his bandmates

There are a few nice stories floating around here and there, only to be found once you manage to scurry out of the bleakness of this global pandemic.

And the talented Puma Blue has provided the latest good news to greet our ears. The jazz-leaning multi-instrumentalist has released a brand new live album, Live in Los Angeles. The release nicely follows up the wonderful on his own. (Live at Eddie’s Attic, Atlanta)  that the London-based artist put out last year, this time being joined by his bandmates for a live show that we’ve born witness to ourselves once or twice.

And the lovely news continues as Mr Blue, real name Jacob Allen, announced on his Facebook artist page and elsewhere that ‘ALL PROCEEDS (including any tee & hoodie purchase on the site) go directly to my 3 live band members, Harvey, Cameron & Ellis, to support them during the Covid-19 lockdown.’

During what is obviously a tough time for musicians, especially those who rely on live shows for their income, it’s a lovely gesture and a lovely project to boot. Download it here.

Offie Mag


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