4 tips for your indoor Easter Egg hunt…

It’s official, we’re all gonna be stuck indoors this Easter Sunday, so why not do something nice for your housemates/parents/spouse/children this Easter and host an alternative Easter egg hunt?

We’re suggesting some alternative spots to hide those eggs in your gaff, as our Weekly Clickbait feature. Without further ado, here’s our top tips for your Easter egg hunt in quarantine.

Use the sofa

And no, not under your sofa, not behind your sofa, not next to your sofa… INSIDE your sofa. Yep. Empty our those pillows using the zips at the back that you’ve never touched, and place the egg inside, a sure-fire way to keep your housemates, parents, spouse or children entertained for hours.

That obsolete shoebox in your room that has them PS2 games in it 

Yes, I’ve been in your room and no I don’t want to play Crash Bandicoot with you.

Toilet tank

You heard that correctly. Obviously, you’re also gonna need some sort of waterproof vessel in which said egg can be placed inside of, but this one, they’re never gonna find.* As is always the case during COVID-19, wash your hands.

De-pot the plants…

This one requires some work, but again, will keep everyone busy for hours. We suggest de-potting that big plant in your front room, removing some of the soil and repotting it with the egg hidden beneath said soil.

The key is to make them work for it.

*Also, a great place to hide toilet snacks.

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