Music of the Month: April

Wilma Archer, BaggE, Knxwledge, Ashbeck and more have been added to the Offie Mag Spotify playlist this month.

As you might have read in your emails, these are surreal and unprecedented times. So perhaps more than ever, the sonic escapism that is music is very important. Providing your neighbour’s alright with it, here is the latest batch of new underground and independent music curated by your friends at Off Licence Magazine.

Wilma Archer’s A Western Circular is our Pick of the Month and takes top spot there on the playlist. It’s a ridiculous project, quite frankly. Half a decade in the making and released on Domino Recordings, it’s a journey that feels like five years in many ways.

It has its ups and downs in terms of moods, carefully pieced together through cellos, strings and horns that give neo-classical, jazz and, of course, thanks to an MF DOOM feature at least, hip-hop. It’s a genreless 40 minutes of time well spent, but that can multiply into hours and hours if you go back and listen, hearing new things every time.

Check what else we’ve got in the selection below and hey, follow the Spotify playlist.

Offie Mag

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