Something that is old Thursdays… Pink by Lex Amor

I cannot believe Pink by Lex Amor is three years old.

I first heard it on a show on Radar Radio before it came to a mysterious departure from existence. After hearing the song, I immediately began to search for Lex Amor online, seconds later finding her music and radio shows thanks to the all-encompassing nature of that there World Wide Web.

After discovering Lex’s Instagram, I plucked up the courage to send her a message seeing if she’d be willing to send me the lost song in question. She replied straight away and was more than happy to share her music with me. Since then, I’ve been pretty obsessed with her art.

Sonically, vocally, lyrically, the lot. This shit is seriously good. The smooth tone of her voice – especially in that first song of hers I heard – caresses the beat, acting not as a voice but as an entirely separate instrument.

Three years on, I was lucky enough to meet Lex in the basement of Bruno’s Cafe, a humble central London spot that goes underneath the somewhat pretentious Soho above. We walked through the kitchen, down some stairs, past a stock room and eventually, into the basement. It felt as if we were meeting a serious crime family to carry out some sort of drug deal.

But nah, instead we ate some sandwiches and interviewed Lex Amor, the soft-spoken legend that she is.

By Brickcellphone

Offie Mag

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