Group Bracil artists tell us one thing that makes them happy…

The consistently soulful label, Group Bracil, released one of the most wholesome projects of the year this month; their compilation album happiness, we’re all in this together.

The record had been in the pipeline for some time but, amid COVID-19 the collective positive message of Group Bracil’s latest wax has taken on a whole new timely meaning. Featuring artists such as Verbz, Carla, Old Paradice and Chuck Enzo, happiness, we’re all in this together is 14 tracks of typically sunkissed sonics from this label’s roster, past, present and perhaps future.

Better still, 10% of sales from the vinyl are going to Independent Food Aid Network. So if the music wasn’t already a good reason to cop this release on physical, perhaps that goodwill is.

As our Weekly Clickbait feature, we asked ten of the artists on the Group Bracil compilation to name one thing that makes them happy. Take it away…

Violet Springs:  I suppose I seek and cherish happiness in life’s small givings, like a good cup of tea and a chat with my Grandma.
Group Bracil .png

Norm oddity:  The dance my cockatiel does when I feed it. Not a euphemism.

Spectacular Diagnostics: Homemade puttanesca.

Verbz: A good bench

Confucius MC: Gotta be Peanut Punch, the proper punch not the one in the carton.
peanut punch

Illuzual: The smiles on the faces of loved ones

Chuck Enzo: Ragnarok.

Morriarchi: The sun.

Bador: Family.

Arthur: My Sp404


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