BURR #40: Skinnyville


Welcome to BURR. Brickcellphone’s Underground Rap Radar.

In this series, Brighton hip-hop DJ, Matt ‘Brickcellphone’ Leppier, is chatting to some of the underground rap talent on his radar. It’s as simple as that.

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BURR 40: Skinnyville

Yes, why hello there.

Seeing as we are all stuck indoors because of this global pandemic we’re currently facing, we’ve decided to start doing these little interviews again, what tremendous news, aye?

This angsty duo is made up of a rapper and producer, one from Leith in Edinburgh and the other from London. This isn’t the first time you’ve heard of Evil Sknievel and Yardville and surely won’t be the last.

What’s going on? What have you been doing?

Cale: Awryt big man! While society, as we know it, slowly dissipates from its core foundations our household has taken the optimistic approach of getting high n doing up the garden. On the creative side, we don’t really stop, it’s kind of an everyday thing. You know. Write the theme tune, sing the theme tune. Personally, our local offie ran out of Irn Bru 2 weeks ago and hasn’t restocked – you know how it’s going.

Zander: Cale and I share a wall so we’re able to get a lot done atm. I’ll wake him up with some sub-heavy sample or he’ll keep me up with endless writing. Skinnyville just kinda represents our daily lives at this point. Whether it’s filming 24/7 or voice recording senseless ramblings to sample, we’re always working on something or other.

When did you start making music together and why do you work so well as a duo?

Cale: We started making music together in late 2018 where Zander was looking for an MC for his uni project and I was looking for a producer… I jumped on the opportunity, came studio and laid down such an unfathomably vile, vile freestyle… that it made me hit him back up in a couple of days (out of disappointment in myself) with a full song… rest is history as they say. Since we’re both extremely hard on ourselves and won’t stop until we’ve reached perfection. Myself with words and melody, Zander with production. It balances out pretty well. We take pride in our artistry but prioritise in taking the absolute piss at the same time and I think that shows with the end product.

Zander: Had our first session late 2018 so have been making music for roughly a year and a half now. I think we share the same childlike energy when it comes to creativity. One day we’ll be on an album concept, the next a movie idea, then a book, clothing brand, food truck, etc. We just wanna be constantly creating.

What’s your favourite thing about each other?

Cale: This man’s a rock to everyone around him. A creative genius who loves his craft but always puts his friends & family first. Always there for me when my head’s not. Fucking cunt.

Zander: Ah, there’s just nothing like the charm and allure of a Leith-born Scotsman. But on a real one, I’ve got huge respect for his writing. He doesn’t fuck about. Everything comes from a profoundly real place.

Who would you cite as your influences, inside and outside of music?

Cale: First of all Offie Mag and the Brighton boys, you know who you all are, you have my heart. Inspirations are always changing and although our current music may scream the opposite… I listen to a lot of jazz, singer/songwriter, soul. For someone to inspire me musically the pen game has to be strong, I’m talking cohesive with how they want to portray their sound. Right now that’s; Lianne La Havas (always), Kendrick (always), Kelsey-Lu, Jhené Aiko, Bone Slim, Osquello, dereck d.a.c., Bel Cobain, BEBELUNA & KEYAH/BLU.

Outside of music? @veganfeminist.v2, YOUTHQUAKE, Slacker City and Tony the godfather.

Zander: Grew up on a lot of jazz so gotta mention the likes of Keith Jarret and Miles. Production-wise though I’d say Gorillaz. Demon Days is one of those records that’s stuck with me from early on. Otherwise, it’s a lot of early 2000’s nostalgia. Pro skater soundtracks of pop-punk and hip hop, the skate graphics of Jimbo Phillips and the DV cam footage of early Jackass.

photography credit to: Skinnyville & friends

What can Offie Mag and its readers expect from you in the coming months?

Cale: We’ve got this mad tune and music video with Bone Slim waiting to be released, alongside another mad tune and music video for this single with THREE features (Martell Cartel shiiiiiit). We plan on making more jokes skits n shit for the socials, definitely expect more extensive visuals. Oh and an EP? Or two? Or three? If we can’t perform live shows we may as well put more into our music. Handwritten letters. Oh and merch!?!?

Zander: A real shift in the music and progression in the visuals with a couple big projects coming up. A definite evolution of the world we’re trying to create + the usual Skinnyville hijinks.

I’m off to the shop (staying 2m away from anyone) can I get you anything?

Cale: 330ml can of Bru, Spiced Bun n a Maggie.

Zander: Just a Freddo please mate, I’m a simple man.

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