Five banana bread recipes that you should try this lockdown…

Banana bread appears to have risen in popularity since the beginning of lockdown. People of all ages seem to be partaking in the age-old tradition that is, baking – and banana bread is at the top of everyone’s list, apparently.

Written by Brickcellphone

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Banana bread first rose to popularity in the 1930s, when it became a feature in cookbooks all throughout America. As bananas were only introduced to America in the 1870s, it took a while for them to be included in desserts and baking. Due to the abundance of mashed bananas making up the main ingredient in banana bread (clue is also in the name), the loaves that are created are often very moist.

My research also told me that there’s actually a National Banana Bread Day, which, lo and behold, takes place on my birthday. With that in mind, we’ve decided to pay homage to this delicious dessert by compiling some of our favourite recipes that all have similar outcomes: a delicious banana bread of some sort.

Just click the titles to find the recipes. Maybe send us some photos of what you make or something. Or not, we don’t mind.

Classic banana bread:

Not much beats it in the dessert bread world, besides perhaps all of the following recipes in this clickbait article.


Banana and chocolate bread:

Few people on this planet know more about baking than Mary Berry, this is one of her classic recipes, with added chocolate and in this case, chocolate takes the form of banana’s mischievous cousin as when the two are put together, they become a force majeure in the world of flavours.


Cinnamon swirl banana bread:

This is one of those recipes that you’re never gonna make but that sounds delicious. Far to complex to actually do at home. The pictures are great though.


Coffee and banana bread:

You know we love a good ol-mug-a-joe here at Offie Mag HQ, and we will add it to anything: including banana bread.


Vegan banana bread:

Here’s one for the more conscious diets, using whatever flax eggs are.


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