Brighton’s 23 Degrees release compilation as an NHS PPE fundraiser

One of Brighton’s rave-friendly events brands is encouraging people to ‘Rave at home.’

COVID-19, for all of it’s gloom, has served up the occasional heartwarming tale. And what kind of mag would we be if we didn’t steer your attention towards that, especially when underground music is in the equation?

23 Degrees have been supplying top quality raves to the UK population for half a decade now. Their parties and music taste have been characterised by a steadfast love of the UK underground dance scene, encompassing everything from UK Garage through to Grime, Dubstep, Jungle and Drum & Bass… and that’s what they serve up here in this Bandcamp-special compilation.

The likes of Baloo, Mattik, Agora and a P-Money bootleg can all be heard for the cost a quid. A quid or more that is, with proceeds going to the NHS to help fund PPE.

Offie Mag


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