Alfa Mist and Emmavie’s recently re-released Epoch is beyond delightful

British jazz and soul talents of Alfa Mist and Emmavie combine perfectly on Epoch, a masterful project from a duo in-sync.

Epoch actually released in 2014 would you believe? Yet, remastered and re-released, it appeared on streaming sites this April and has been on regular rotation at Offie Mag HQ ever since. Emmavie’s vocals and carefully penned lyrics take centre-stage with Alfa Mist’s mellow piano providing the canvas.

Not for the first time, though, the pianist shows just how good he is with the pen as well,  though, giving you raps on of the stand-out tracks Insomnia either side of the catchiest hook on the release. Don’t sleep on this one, Epoch’s gonna help you relax on your sofa as we see out these final days on lockdown.

The only thing we are left wanting from Alfa Mist and Emmavie’s Epoch is a vinyl release, please?

Offie Mag

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