Something that is old Thursdays: The Horace Silver Quintet – Doin’ The Thing At The Village Gate (1961)

This edition of Something that is old Thursdays, should be renamed to something that is really old Thursdays, as we are taking you back to 1961 with Horace Silver and his very talented quintet. 

Words by Brickcellphone

Doin’ the Thing is the second live album by Horace. It’s a beauty. It was recorded on May 19th 1961 in the famous Village Gate, in Horace’s home of New York City. Many famous faces have graced the stage at Village Gate, including the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, and obviously, the big homie, Horace Silver himself.

The album was released on Blue Note Records, the 81-year-old legendary label most recently put out Tom Misch and Yusseff Dayes joint.

If you’re bored in lockdown, sit there, in ya favourite chair, blast Doin’ the Thing through your speakers. Close your eyes. Imagine you’re there. It’s easy. Give it a go. It’ll only take 53 minutes of your time.

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