Jazz band Ssaladd pick their top five salads

Ssaladd are, in their own words, a ‘tiny baby idiot jazz group formed in South-East London, via the South of France.’ 

They’re also really good and their debut release, a self-titled collection that soundtracks the above, has been on regular rotation at Offie Mag. There’s a level of simplicity to it, mixed with healthy grooves and garnished with flair.


Anyway, we asked Ssalad’s members, Toby, Greg and Harry to pick their top five salads.

House S(s)alad:


Greg: I’m a fan of leafy lettuce, cucumber, tomato – cut into wedges – with a balsamicky, garlicky dressing.

Thai Larb S(s)alad:


Toby: This is kind of like… can I send you a link? It’s nutty and herby.

Potato S(s)alad:


Greg: Can I bring something to the table, potato salad? Don’t put the mayonnaise on it while it’s too hot. I like potato salad because I’m culture.

Toby: Lukewarm.

Harry: I don’t like a cold one. Everyone doesn’t care about potato salad but Greg likes it enough to make the list.

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Waldorf S(s)salad:


Toby: What is a waldorf?

Greg: Walnuts, blue cheese, apple or pear.

Harry: I’ve got a nut allergy.

Greg’s mum’s Carrot Salad:

Carrot & Raisin Beauty

Greg: My mum used to make a salad where it was grated carrot, grated apple, raisins and a sweet vinegary dressing.

Harry: That sounds peng.

Grilled lemon-herb Mediterranean chicken salad (DSQ):


Toby: I Googled what is the best salad and found this, and I have to agree.

Greg: I think having meat in a salad is cheating.

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