Something that is old Thursdays: KRS-One – A Friend (1997)

KRS-One is certainly one of the most curious of legendary hip-hop figures, isn’t he?

One of the most recognisable voices and faces in nostalgic YouTube hip-hop binges, KRS-One’s got this preacher-like quality. A preacher of the realest of real hip-hop. Example? One of the first things that comes to mind about him is an anecdote he once shared with Amoeba’s What’s In My Bag?

‘DJs these days have it easy. If I had it my way, I’d have my son carry crates. He says, “Dad, you don’t have to do that these days, you pull the music out the air now…” Well I think that’s corny.’ – KRS-One, What’s In My Bag? (2011)

So as you can see, Mr One is good value for a hot-take on some old head business. And what with it being 23 years (almost) to the day since he dropped his 1997 album, I Got Next, we thought we’d share our favourite single from it.

A Friend is classic KRS-One in that there’s a valuable lesson to learn… and the beat was sposed to drop right there.

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