Ebi Soda’s top 5 favourite soft drinks…

Brighton-London jazz band, Ebi Soda are without a doubt, one of our favourite Brighton-Jazz bands.

We’ve been following them with keen eyes and keener ears since they dropped their marvellous, mystical self-titled EP. Combining jazz with whatever genres and sounds each member wants to bring to the table, their growing discography is as refreshing as a Fanta Limon on a sunbed.

What with the Ebi Soda lads dropping a brand new project, Ugh, we thought we’d use our Weekly Clickbait allowance to ask them about their favourite soft drinks… and maybe a bit about the album, too.

Click the images to drink this riveting content in.

This is your second full project now, how does it differ from the first?

It feels like our third if you count our self-titled as well! But the main difference between this and Bedroom Tapes is that this one is literally our first project recorded outside of a bedroom.

We’ve finally got the chance to mess about in a studio with better quality equipment- but it doesn’t really feel like an album to us, we’ve been calling it a mixtape as I think we’re still finding out a lot about our own sound and approach.

You always release your music on vinyl, how important is this to you?
ebi soda
Super important as our label (shout out Sola Terra) have always been vinyl-based so everything we’ve built upon so far has been linked to releasing physically and catering for fans who enjoy listening to music in that way.

Your artwork is always a bit mad, how important is that to you?


Eze Goomi is our artist and has been since we started, simply from just always being around us and making ridiculously good art while we were first jamming together.

His work is just always fire and we think of him as our 6th member alot of the time as his work is probably what makes people initially check us out.

And finally, why is the album is called, Ugh


This release was going to be called ‘Now That’s What I Call Ebi Soda’- cos its packed full of hits look.

We naively thought we’d get away with it with no copyright issues but obviously were wrong and Ugh is just how we felt about having to change the name and it stuck.

You can find Ebi Soda’s Ugh on all streaming sites and can find their selection of soft drinks in most off-licences and/or chemists.

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