Something that is old Thursdays: Suspect – Still Loading (2018)…

Corrrr blimey… Suspect is good, init. His breakthrough album, “Still Loading” is two years old as of last week, so we are here to celebrate it.

The 10-track project from South London’s Suspect is quite something. Suspect is a rapper whom is revered for his flamboyancy, showmanship and wild, high-energy live performances as we were able to witness firsthand in The Walrus’s pub function room, at The Great Escape 2018.

The room was dimmly lit and the air was so thick. But we were there, witnessing a bit of history. In typical rap music fashion, Suspect was very late. Hours late. Which unfortunately meant his set was short, but ever so sweet. What’s perhaps even more jokes, is that his set was followed by the artist formerly known as Jimothy Lacoste.

Still Loading is produced almost exclusively by Flyo, who’s production compliments Suspect’s rap style with tremendous effect. It’s quite clear that the Suspect & Flyo tagteam partnership is incapable of creating a bad song. Mate, imagine what he’s gunna sound like when he’s fully loaded?

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