All you need to know for this Saturday’s Brighton Black Lives Matter protest

It’s been amazing to see protests all around the world, hasn’t it?

From epistemically violent statues toppling over in Bristol, to masses of people gathering across European cities like Budapest, Berlin, Cologne and Paris – in case you missed it. Saturday, June 13th is the next chance for Brighton to stand together as one, as our local (unofficial but very efficient) Black Lives Matter branch has set out the plan for what should be a special march.

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of both the silent protest and the slightly later protest.

Brighton Black Lives Matter

What time is it?

The first march will start at 1pm, but there’s nothing wrong with getting down there slightly earlier. The march will last for 30-minutes. (Find the Facebook event here). 

Shorlty after, another march will be beginning from the pier, starting at around 1.30pm.

Where is it?

Brighton’s BLM Peaceful Protest starts on Madeira Drive and, should the attendance go as well as expected, that line of protestors should stretch all the way back to the Marina starting from the Sea Life Centre. So get anywhere in between these two landmarks and you won’t be able to miss it. The second will get going from the pier.

Brighton Protest

Practice social distancing at all times

As important as these protests have been as people across the world fight for justice, they have also provided the right-wing press and tabloid media with the chance to frame marches as ‘COVID-19 second spike causes.’

For the most part, it’s nonsense, especially as Bank Holiday Weekend sunbathers didn’t wake up on the front pages for the same reason.  However, any press present will be taking video and photographs and so it is crucial that marchers are seen to be socially distant from one another.

Wear a mask and gloves

The wearing of masks has been on the rise in recent weeks in supermarkets and whatnot, which is class. But for the Brighton Black Lives Matter protest – or any other protest around the world at the moment – it is imperative that both masks and gloves are worn.

Wear black

BLM Brighton have requested that all protestors wear black clothing in order to help distinguish themselves from others at the beach. If the sun’s out, you know it’s gonna be double busy down there.

Bring water, sun cream, etc

If it is hot, prepare for it. NHS staff could probably do without heatstroke victims landing at the Royal County Sussex this weekend.

Why is one a silent protest?

While the silent protest may not be to everyone’s taste, the organisers have chosen to go with this method for various reasons. One of them is in regards to the Coronavirus being spread by droplets from the mouth and another is ‘in consideration of protesters with children, people who may have autism or social anxiety. We understand the shouting and loud noises may cause discomfort to this group of protesters who should be welcomed.’

That said, there are other protests happening on the same day that will not be silent – such as one from Brighton Palace Pier straight after.

No comment

No one is legally obliged to speak to the police. This should be even easier to practice than usual what with it being a silent protest.

If you do need to speak to the police, you are not required to give your name and address (unless you are being legally fined). Ask ‘Am I legally obliged to?’ or ‘under what power?‘ should you need, too.

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