M.I.C. & PK Brako link up for anticipated single, Witchclart…

North London’s Master of Inane Conversation, perhaps better known as M.I.C. could well be Grime’s forward-thinking saviour – if it needs one, of course.

We’re not in the business of claiming whether or not a genre is living and breathing but if you need evidence that grime is fine and well, take M.I.C.’s double-sided single, Witchclart.

MI.C.’s music is self-described as ‘sonically daring’ and ‘super-conceptual’, which is definitely proven by his insult-ridden release which features exceptional production from PK Brako. It contains so many quotables, making it damn-near impossible not to sing along after you’ve heard it three or four times.

The second track, theself-produced Night Raid, has deranged and daring production, backed-up by M.I.C.’s almost whispered vocals. Witchclart is cool, a little bit frightening and definitely shows M.I.C.’s talents as both a producer and an artist.

It also might get the kids saying, ‘I’ll dougie on your grave, I’ll twerk on your tombstone,’ which is fine by us.

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