Black Josh’s Mannyfornia album has landed on Blah Records

Black Josh’s Mannyfornia record has been hotly anticipated and is out now, involving features from Lunar C, Lord Apex, Sleazy and more.

A diversely talented rapper if ever there was one, Blah Records’ Black Josh is wildly prolific for his age. With several projects under his belt such as 2018’s Yung Sweg Lawd, the debut tape #blahblahblackjosh and that Brexit tape that went missing, you’d need more than a Wednesday afternoon to go through his catalogue.

The latest addition is a ballsy, 16-song album produced by fellow Mancunian, Metrodome. The all-capitalised tracklist includes RAGE with the unlikely pairing of Don’t Flop legend Lunar C and Lord Apex, WANNIT ALL with old pal, Sleazy (F Baby) and even a feature from the vocal talents of fashion designer, Meme Gold.

As ever from a Black Josh release it’s varied in sounds but his tongue-in-cheek and often emphatically delivered raps stand out on whatever Metrodome throws at him. Find it via Blah, la.

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