Something that is old Thursdays: Quasimoto – The Unseen (2000)

Goodmorning sunshine, did you know that Lord Quas’ debut album, the undisputed underground rap classic, The Unseen, is 20-years-old now?

Curious ain’t ya? The greatest cartoon character to ever touch mic, Quasimoto’s The Unseen with its slowed-down-then-sped-up-and-pitched-up vocals, is remarkably still one of producer Madlib’s best selling records even today. A project that was originally made only for Madlib’s own ears having met Quasimoto while tripping, we’re thankful for whoever’s eyes lit up with dollar signs upon hearing it.


Completing hooks with vocal samples and taking the listener down rabbit holes with skits and interludes, the levels of creative freedom throughout the universe are unrivalled. This two-decades-old record is a benchmark for hip-hop experimentalists today. Quas takes jabs at the gangster rap climate of the time, the ongoing issues of Police mistreatment of African-Americans and in a meta sense, the very creative process that created the record.

From Welcome to Violence to Discipline 99 Pt. 1, Quasimoto and Madlib use 24-tracks to express themselves on this debut album and still leave you wanting more and more of this addictive sound. Two albums later, every (albeit rare) interview that Otis Jackson Jr. does he’s asked how Quasimoto is and his mystic replies only further paint the colourful enigma that is The Unseen genius. Enjoy, and may all your children end up junkies, too.


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